Tangu, Inc. Phase II is a non-profit 501-C Georgia Corporation with a mission of providing substance abuse treatment and counseling to persons in metro Atlanta (Fulton County and surrounding communities). Tangu Phase II primary goal is to provide quality affordable treatment services to persons afflicted with substance abuse and addictions.

Tangu Phase II is a brainchild of Tangu, Inc. an established outpatient and transitional housing treatment and counseling program in Atlanta since 1994. With the expertise and guidance and mentoring of Tangu, Inc., the parent program, Tangu Phase II offers a richness of experience to our communities. Tangu Phase II staff are all highly trained and credentialed in the field of Substance Abuse Treatment.

The clientele are both males and females with all cultural backgrounds.


Admission Criteria

  • History of Substance Abuse and/or Alcohol.
  • The individual must be 18 years of age or older;
  • The client must be physically, emotionally and behaviorally capable of functioning in a group setting;
  • Client is not a danger to himself or to others;
  • Abstained from alcohol and/or drug use at least seventy-two [72] hours prior to admission;
  • Client must be medically stable.
  • Referral from a Grant Agency or Sponsor.
  • Clients must have willingness to comply with program rules and guidelines.


Tangu Phase II looks forward to the opportunity to implement substance abuse addiction treatment services to grant agencies. This opportunity to provide substance abuse treatment services to Fulton County and metro Atlanta consumers provides Tangu Phase II with growth and expansion opportunity. Tangu Phase II will also demonstrate the ability to work with this complex homeless population.



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