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A: Tangu provides a full range of addiction services including outpatient mental health, psychosocial rehabilitation, relapse prevention, and transitional housing services for addiction disease and mental health disorders.

A: No, our consultation service with an Admissions Counselor is absolutely free.

A: The cost of treatment is determined by the level of care and the length of a person’s stay. When you start your intake process, you will be informed by the Intake Counselor who will discuss the financial process and cost of your treatment services.

A: Tangu provides counseling and treatment services for youths, adults, and families. The clientele ranges from 18-80 years old.

A: The length of stay in intensive outpatient and/or transitional housing programs are dependent on the needs of the individual and are determined through as assessment and evaluation process.

A: The Intake Counselor will review the appropriate list of items with an incoming client.

A: Please do not bring TVs, irons, weapons, pornography, expensive jewelry, heating pads, electric blankets, lamps, furniture items, computers, non-prescription drugs, vitamins or herbal supplements, musical instruments or excessive personal cash.

A: In order to serve efficiently, fees are established based on treatment services. Clients are responsible for 100 percent of the service fee which may be adjusted if proof of income is provided. We accept approved Private Insurance and Self-Pay. Payment at the time of service is expected.

A: Yes. It is encouraged that clients upon completion of recommended treatment and approval by treatment team work while in treatment. If client is unemployed, he or she will need to be involved in a productive schedule such as attending meetings or looking for employment by using the Media Center set up for the clients at Tangu. Tangu also offers day and evening treatment classes for clients who work.

A: Insurance coverage depends on your individual services and if your insurance has contracted with Tangu for payment. Many private insurance companies will cover a part of treatment after pre-approval. Some services may be covered under mental health benefits while some may limit coverage to outpatient services.

A: The process starts by an Admissions Counselor gathering information about you and arranging for you to speak to an Intake Coordinator. The pre-intake process is free and confidential with no obligation. If you prefer someone to contact you, please complete our online contact form or email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Admission dates are based on available space and the time it takes to conduct an intake interview and gather your medical information to insure proper admission.

A: Absolutely. Following admissions to Tangu, clients are encouraged to contact their families in order to provide them with the phone number to their unit and times when they can be reached. Clients do not have access to email at the unit but postal mail is accepted. Contacts with family, significant others and friends are allowed but must be approved by Tangu staff and comply to confidentiality laws.

A: Tangu has a medical doctor and nurse on staff for medication management. Clients who are on medication will meet with the medical team to set up a schedule to receive their self-medicated medication.

A: The Outpatient Programs are staffed by two ASAM Certified Physicians as well as Licensed Nurses, Licensed Psychotherapists, Licensed Counselors & Social Workers, Certified Addiction Counselors and Therapists. Tangu is CARF accredited, DBHDD Certified multi counseling service and a Georgia State Licensed Outpatient Substance Abuse Program that has been providing quality affordable substance abuse service in Atlanta, Georgia since 1994.

A: Tangu has a Family Group program where family members can attend 1x weekly for free with you to get an update of your progress and share issues in a group setting.

A: Tangu’s transitional housing is located near public transportation. Tangu’s main office is one block from the MARTA Garnett Train Station. Tangu is also located near several main highways.

A: Yes. Tangu offers outpatient substance abuse treatment services that include: drug prevention awareness program; multiple DUI offender program; and intensive outpatient program (IOP is offered days and evenings). For outpatient programs duration of treatment, it is evaluated during the client’s face-to-face intake assessment.

A: No. Tangu is a multi dimensional program that incorporates many therapies. The Twelve Steps are a foundation and guideline for living an alcohol and drug free life. Tangu promotes and encourages client and family participation in Twelve [12] Step Programs: Alcoholic Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Alanon & Naranon.

A: Tangu has Aftercare plans and services for clients once they leave our program. Tangu also offer educational materials for continued growth, alumni program and AA/NA meetings. Wherever you live, you will be able to stay in touch and continue to enhance your recovery process.

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