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  • Personalized, client-centered drug and alcohol rehab in Atlanta
  • CARF accredited and Georgia licensed multimodal outpatient care
  • Daily private meetings with your doctor
  • Flexible day and evening options
  • Most major insurances accepted-- other payment options available
  • Providing comprehensive treatment since 1994
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    Accessible, Affordable Outpatient
    Rehab in Atlanta

    At Tangu, we recognize the common barriers to care people living with substance use disorders face. Inability to afford treatment or external life obligations should not leave one trapped in the cycle of addiction. By providing outpatient levels of care for clients in Atlanta and across the United States, Tangu helps to remove those roadblocks on the path of recovery.
    Our individualized care programs include:

    • Group, individual, and family therapy options
    • Case management support throughout course of care
    • Dual diagnosis care
    • Aftercare services for long-term support
    • Group, individual, and family therapy options
    • Case management support throughout course of care
    • Dual diagnosis care
    • Aftercare services for long-term support

    Tangu’s Commitment to Healing

    For more than 25 years, Tangu has maintained its commitment to helping those in need achieve long-lasting success in recovery. By providing trauma-informed care focused on addressing the deeply rooted causes of substance abuse, our multidisciplinary clinical treatment team empowers clients with the tools and life skills necessary for life beyond addiction.

    Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

    Five hours per day Monday through Friday, focused on identifying triggers, interrupting negative thought-action patterns contributing to substance use, and establishing healthy coping mechanisms.

    Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

    Three hours per day three days per week, focused on relapse prevention and implementing life skills into daily life.

    Outpatient Treatment (OP)

    Tapered three-phase care for long-term recovery, focused on providing support for continued sobriety.

    Aftercare Services

    Extended support and resources for clients beyond completion of treatment at Tangu, including assistance finding employment, housing, and more.

    What is PHP?

    PHP, or a partial hospitalization program, is a level of outpatient care focused on establishing the foundation of one’s future in recovery. Typically, this level of care lasts for 30 days, but may be adjusted according to client needs.
    PHP provides a similar level of contact to residential inpatient care, but allows for clients to return home or to a sober living community at the end of each day. As such, partial hospitalization can be an affordable and accessible option for seeking recovery.

    What is IOP?

    IOP, or an intensive outpatient program, is a level of outpatient care focused on providing a smooth transition into independent sober living. This involves learning to identify personal triggers, how to avoid them, and coping mechanisms for urges and cravings. IOP programs are 60 to 90 days on average, but may vary based on need.
    The intensive outpatient program at Tangu provides the perfect balance between recovery treatment and everyday life. With day and evening options to fit any work or school schedule, clients can keep recovery as a priority while striving toward their goals.

    You may be covered with little or no out-of-pocket cost to you, so call now for an assessment

    WHo WE ARE

    Tangu, Inc. is a CARF accredited multi-counseling service and a Georgia State Licensed Outpatient Substance Abuse Program that has been providing quality affordable substance abuse service in Atlanta, Georgia since 1994.

    The Outpatient Programs are staffed by two ASAM Certified Physicians as well as

    Licensed Nurses
    Licensed Psychotherapists
    Certified Addiction Counselors

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    Success and recovery stories from some of our clients, and their new found outlook on life

    Royce Robert
    Tangu Cobb Alumni
    By far, this is the best treatment program I've ever been through. Filled with passionate staff, awesome director by taking care of our needs as human beings. Small, individualized treatment and rehabilitation. Can't wait for what each day brings, challenging yet rewarding. Thanks to these guys I strive to remain drug free.
    Kenny Liu
    Tangu Cobb Alumni
    Thanks to Tangu, I'm finally able to get control of my life and be free from the grip of alcoholism. I'm 10 months sober so far, and am excited to continue pursuing my goals. I didn't think I would ever quit drinking, but Tangu saved my life!
    Stacy Prewett
    Tangu Cobb Alumni
    Tangu truly saved my sons life.  This was his first time in treatment, he was given the tools in order to deal with his addiction and not relapse.  He has been clean and sober for over a year.  I really believe if I had not sent him to Tangu, he would be with me today.  Thanks you Tangu for all you did for my son.

    TANGU provides effective treatment and counseling services for people and families in Atlanta and nationwide.

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    Phone:  (888) 998-4972

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