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Tangu Outpatient After School Program

Tangu offers youth mental health and substance abuse programs after school. The program includes comprehensive, individualized care for young people ages 14–19 who have substance abuse, psychiatric/mental health, or dual diagnosis (substance abuse and psychiatric disorder combined),

Clients participate in treatment after school 2x-3x a week with peers in their age range with similar problems. The program allows the client to continue to attend school during the day uninterrupted while getting needed treatment after school. The outpatient after school program is structured with emphasis on family involvement. Services for families is provided which include: iramily education, family therdyy mid inulti-family process groupc. Roc arch studies show that successful recovery for youth has a better prognosis for success when there is family involvement and commitment.

Many teenagers that need outpatient services often suffer with, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, conduct disorder and other psychiatric and behavioral problems, Tangu Outpatient After School Program helps youth move to a higher level of functioning and develop drug-free coping skills for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, emotions, and life problems. Treatment classes usually range 1 Y2 hours per class. Clients are provided weekly lx individual or family session and lx group psychotherapy session.

Our program is culturally sensitive and appropriate for all cultural groups regardless of race, color, or gender. All counseling services are provided by: Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Social Workers, Certified Addiction Counselors (CACTI), Master degree Counselors Licensed and certified nurses and Licensed physician’s. All staff are crossed trained in treating substance abuse and mental health disorders.

The Tangu program accepts most commercial insurances, Medicare and private — pay clients. The cost for private pay clients is very reasonable.


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