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We provide confidential and professional counseling and treatment services for employees and family members.  Our EAP Program covers any problems or conflicts employees are feeling that’s caused from everyday stresses, life, relationships, and work related problems.

How Does the Program Work?

Employees and members of their family can call us and setup an appointment or speak with a counselor by phone about their situation.  Depending on the employee company’s EAP model, an employee can qualify for all or multiple EAP services:

1. Assessment & Outpatient Treatment Services (alcohol & drugs) as well as Prevention.
2. Diagnostic and Clinical Evaluations
3. Financial & Legal Difficulties
4. Family and Personal Conflicts
5. Stress and Emotional Management
6. Loss and Grief Issues
7. Continuing Care (Aftercare)
8. Inpatient Residence Recovery
9. Relationship and Couples Issues
10. One-On-One Counseling Sessions

Who pays for EAP services?

An employee should contact their company’s EAP Representative to see if their health insurance covers behavioral health, family / marital counseling, and individual counseling sessions.  The employee can then contact us to speak with a counselor about their situation.  The employee should also ask their EAP Representative how many sessions their health insurance will cover.  If an employee would like to extend their counseling or treatment sessions, the employee will be responsible for the payment of these sessions if they are not covered by their insurance.

What type of insurance is acceptable?

Currently, Tangu accepts most major health insurances except Medicaid.  Some major health insurances we accept are Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health Care, Cigna, and Aetna US Healthcare.  Employees can contact their EAP Representative to see if Tangu is on their provider listing before calling to setup an appointment or speak with a counselor.

All counseling sessions are available on individual, group, marital, couples, relationship, and family basis.

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We are more than happy to give advice on which counselling is most suitable for your needs, depending on your problems. Why not ask us to view your problems and discuss for solution. Our advice is free!

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