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When a Loved One is In Recovery: Support is Essential to Healing

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides an option for patients who need more support and structure than outpatient treatment can provide medical follow-up. The intensive outpatient program will provide treatment for patients with substance-use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. Tangu IOP allows patients to return home in the evening or patients may reside at Tangu’s Recovery Residence transitional housing.

IOP provides a high level of clinical care and substance abuse education. Patients are provided individualized treatment plans and assigned a primary case manager.

Treatment Curriculum includes:

Nursing Care
Group Therapy
Family Therapy
Educational Lectures According to Program Focus
Experiential Groups
Random Alcohol & Drug Screens

Upon discharge, patients may participate in the Tangu Aftercare program.

All IOP patients are provided aftercare plans upon discharge. All Tangu programs are state licensed and CARF accredited and Tangu staff are appropriately credentialed.

Co-Occurring Disorder (IOP)

Tangu Dual Diagnosis Program provides an integrated treatment model that provides treatment for both mental illness and substance abuse disorders.  Each patient receives a personalized treatment regimen designed to meet their clinical and therapeutic needs.

The Tangu Dual Diagnosis Program staff are knowledgeable and experienced in providing the newest treatment approaches for dual diagnosis recovery. By addressing the underlying roots of substance abuse in mental health disorders, we help our clients develop coping mechanisms and strategies for maintaining long-term sobriety.

All services are provided by Tangu’s Multidisciplinary clinical treatment team:
Licensed Doctors
Licensed Nurses
Licensed Psychotherapist
Certified Addiction Counselors

IOP Program Description

The purpose of this meeting is to promote cohesiveness within the client community. All staff members and clients attend. During this meeting, clients can offer feedback and concerns to staff members. Clients are encouraged to address issues of concern within the community. Client anticipating discharge say goodbye to the community and process out.


The goal of this group is to assist clients with understanding the diagnosis of mental illnesses and developing insight into how to achieve health coping mechanisms to assist with ongoing recovery process. These groups are led by a master level therapist.


Process groups are led by a master level or credentialed therapist. The clients are divided into two groups based on client needs and goals.


This group lecture, by a licensed social worker, is designed to increase client awareness of relapse triggers and to promote awareness of relapse prevention skills.

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