Outpatient Detoxification Program
  • ASAM Certified Addiction Medicine Specialist (Addictionologist)
  • Medically Monitored Outpatient Detoxification
  • Outpatient Treatment Program Levels I, II.I, & II.5
  • Flexible Schedules for Detoxification & Outpatient Treatment
  • Many Patients May Continue Their Job and Daily Routines During Treatment
  • Tangu’s Addiction Medicine Specialists Utilize Sublingual Buprenorphine the Latest FDA Approved Medication for Opiate and Opioid Detoxification
  • Opiate/Opioid Support Group
  • Pain Management Support Group
  • FDA Approved Medications to Decrease Cravings for Alcohol & Drugs
  • Monitored Drug Screens

Services are offered mornings, evenings and Saturdays (this flexible schedule allows the patient to continue other daily routines).

Criteria for Admission
  • Patient must have no history of DTs withdrawal or seizures. Patient must not be taking any mood altering substances.
  • Patient must be escorted by responsible drug-free adult (21 years and over) that will monitor patient during acute detoxification phase (initial 3 days of detox). Adult must escort patient to and from ambulatory detox program. Adult must also hold patient medication to monitor patient only takes medication as prescribed.
  • Patient must bring in all prescriptions medications to be reviewed by ambulatory program, nurse and/or physician.
  • Patient must consent to take ambulatory detoxification medication as prescribed.

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