All services are provided by Tangu’s Multidisciplinary clinical treatment team:

Licensed Doctors

(ASAM Certified Addiction Medicine Specialist/Addictionologists)

Licensed Nurses

Licensed Psychotherapist

Licensed Counselors & Social Workers

Certified Addiction Counselors


Continuing Care Program (Aftercare)

It is the mission of the Tangu’s aftercare program to provide clients who have successfully completed substance abuse treatment with continual assistance in the growth of their recovery. To provide an entity that provides both a safe and confidential atmosphere that will allow clients to process issues in their life that can be detrimental to their recovery. To assist clients in meeting the goals contained in their continuing care plans. To provide a forum, in which clients can explore the successes and obstacles in post treatment and receive feedback and support from other participants in the program.


1) To assist clients in maintaining continual absence from substance abuse through random drug testing.

2) To assist clients in nurturing the growth of their recovery by process their feeling and emotions in either a group or individual setting

3) To monitor clients and assist them in the implementation of their relapse prevention plan.

4) Make available relapse prevention classes to clients.

5) To provide referrals and other assistance, when possible, with housing, economics and other social needs.


1) Clients must have successfully completed substance abuse treatment.

2) Clients must have attended or be willing to attend 10 weeks of relapse prevention.

3) Clients should have some daily activity whether it a job and/or volunteer work.

4) Clients must be willing to attend at least 3 NA/AA meetings a week regularly or any other groups that support the recovery process

5) Clients must be willing to participant in the aftercare program for at least 3 months.

Opioid Group Program

The Opioid Recovery Group will provide clients education on successful recovery from opioid abuse and addiction. Basic education on addictive disease and addiction to opioid will be reviewed. Clients will be taught the fundamental principles of recovery from opioid abuse/addiction. As a result of successful completion of the 8 week opioid recovery group, clients will experience transition to a fuller drug “free lifestyle in their recovery.

Opioid Recovery Goals:

Understand psychological, physiological and spirited components of opioid addiction

Establish foundation to support recovery from opioid addiction

Increase feelings of self-worth as recovery opioid addict

Improve insight into basic principles that support long-term recovery from opioid addiction

Relapse Prevention Program

Tangu provides treatment for Relapse Prevention implemented through a 10 week, 1x per week 2-hour class curriculum. The ultimate goal of the relapse prevention process at Tangu was designed to focus on two broad treatment objectives:

1) to teach clientele how to use a broad spectrum of coping activities to help deal with problems, interpersonal conflicts and negative mood states and 2) to teach clientele how to anticipate and challenge the thoughts, cravings and urges that will continue to challenge their abstinence. The framework Tangu use to promote these objectives is first to work with clientele to identify a wide range of interpersonal and intrapersonal stressors, triggers, cravings and urges that pull for impulsive/self-defeating behavior or for substance and alcohol usage.

Ideally this process is to teach coping skills that clientele can use to weather stressful circumstances and maintain abstinence. Ideally the clientele will learn alternative approaches to stress management that have a greater potential for long term benefit.


Anger Management Program

Certified Anger Management Specialists

Tangu provides treatment for Anger Management implemented through a 12 week, 1x per week 60-minute class curriculum. The programs philosophy is corner-stoned on the principles of behavioral modification and cognitive therapy approaches. Clients are taught to process feelings and appropriately manage their emotions violence cycle. Clients also learn how to evaluate their anger to help prevent them from using a distorted thinking style.

Anger Management Program Structure

The Outpatient Program is an 6-12 week open-ended cycle that meets 1x per week.

General Overview of the Anger Management Program:

Includes the purpose of the group, group rules, definitions of anger and aggression, myths about anger, anger as a habitual response and the introduction of the anger meter used to monitor anger.

Purpose of Group:

1. Learn to manage anger effectively.

2. Stop violence or the threat of violence.

3. Develop self-control over thoughts and actions.

4. Receive support from others.

On-Site Drug Testing & Drug Screen Program

All clients during their program may be screened for alcohol and/or drug usage. The screenings are analyzed by FDA approved laboratory meeting standards of State and Federal proficiency testing programs. Random drug screens are required for each client to measure the effectiveness of their recovery process.

Tangu utilizes an on-site laboratory to randomly test clients for drug/alcohol abuse.

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