The Transitional Housing Program provides a sober, residential, and therapeutic living environment for the client who requires a residential level of care based on the client’s evaluation. Clients who reside at the residential facility will also be required to attend Level 1 or Level II.I & level II.5 Outpatient Substance Abuse Program.

All clients will be required to attend 5x 12-Step Support Groups i.e. Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous per week. The substance abuse program will utilize an on-site laboratory to randomly test clients for drug/alcohol abuse. Any individual with ongoing medical problems, including dual diagnosis, may be accepted provided that they are addressing these problems with outside professional help, including medication management.

Residential Admission Requirements:

Recommend six [6] months commitment for admission

The individual must be 18 years of age or older;

The client must be physically, emotionally and behaviorally capable of functioning in a residential setting;

Client is not a danger to himself or to others;

Abstained from alcohol and/or drug use at least seventy-two [72] hours prior to admission

Client must be medically stable.

All cases of questionable admission shall be reviewed by the Program Director or designee. Client and referral sources can contact the main office for fees and/or bed availability.

  • 1x-3x Counseling Session Per Week
  • 1x-2x Random Drug Screen Per Month
  • 1x 12-Step Book Study Per Week
  • Monitored and Managed by Transitional Housing Manager(s)
  • 1x Community Meeting Per Week

· Successfully complete or participate in a Treatment Program

· Be Employed or Do Service Work

· Be Serious About Your Recovery

· Attending 5x 12-Step Meetings Per Week (AA/NA/CA)

Special Tracks:

Relapse Prevention Track 10 weeks

Anger Management 12 weeks

Career Development 8 weeks

Opioid Group 10 weeks

Special Programs:

DUI / Multiple Offender

Individual & Family Counseling

Marital & Pre-Marital Counseling

Medical Management Program

All services are provided by Tangu’s Multidisciplinary clinical treatment team:

Licensed Doctors

(ASAM Certified Addiction Medicine Specialist/Addictionologists)

Licensed Nurses

Licensed Psychotherapist

Licensed Counselors & Social Workers

Certified Addiction Counselors


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